Como é a solução em UC & Collaboration da Smartspace?

Nossa solução em UC & Collaboration reúne as melhores ferramentas digitais de colaboração e comunicação para uma ambiente empresarial eficiente e colaborativo. Integre ferramentas de voz, de vídeo ou chat em um único ambiente para maximizar a produtividade da sua equipe. Simplifique sua operação, promova a sinergia e alcance novos patamares com a Smartspace.

UC & Collaboration

Revolutionize the way your team communicates and reduce costs with resources. Ideal for businesses seeking to communicate efficiently, have productive teams and share relevant information in real time.

Combine other modules of the solution to boost your business results

Maximize conversion results with the UC & Collaboration module and make the most of all your interactions with your customers.


Manage resources more efficiently in a cloud solution that is flexible and scalable for your operation.

  • Increase levels of operational efficiency

  • Flexible and scalable access and management

  • Efficient collaboration and greater productivity between teams

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Secure data and communications

Simplify communication and improve collaboration within your company

Raise the level of team productivity with effective communication between teams in different locations. Enable mobility, remote access and operational management, with security and compliance. Integrate teams, simplify communication and promote efficient collaboration with internal and external calls, call forwarding and voice conferences. From any device, anywhere!

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone

  • Conference room

Integrate voice features with Microsoft Teams, enable real-time collaboration and allow new remote and hybrid work scenarios for employees.

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By 2026, 70% of corporate professionals will prefer collaboration tools and mobile devices over traditional telephone service.

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Customer Engagement

For companies that seek to improve and boost marketing and sales results with customized interactions. Relationship and customer service in the same context as customized interactions.

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Conversational Marketing

Follow up and personalize the relationship with the customer in the contacts initiated by the companies (Outbound).

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