Enhance the delivery and provision of services to citizens and civil servants. Modernize service and provide more effective and efficient communication, while guaranteeing the transparency and security of citizen data as well as enabling data-driven management.

Manage conversations across all channels, all in one place. Engage and facilitate access to public services with an omnichannel call center, and collaborate with the internal team in the same context as the citizens.

Monitor your citizens' behavior and your team's performance. Create the best experience for people, regardless of their role in public life (Citizen, Server or Public Manager), through a unique CX (Citizen Experience) and EX (Employee Experience) context.

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Only 46% of federal offices and 26% of state offices have services available on the internet


Ensure easy management of citizen demands and internal services and processes, with monitoring of citizen demands, assessment of citizen experience, monitoring of service metrics, filtered by group or individually; list of government demands and actions by region, type of service, means used, demographics and insights to anticipate citizen needs.

  • Less missed calls
  • Reduced callback time
  • Reduced call time
  • Lower abandonment rate
  • Increase in answered calls
  • Process automation
  • Real-time metrics
  • Reduction in telephony costs

How is your company's digital service performance?

Get to know the 360° Customer Experience Diagnosis and assess how your customer, employee and user experience is going throughout their journeys.

Combine other modules of the solution to boost your business results

Customer Engagement

For companies that seek to improve and boost marketing and sales results with customized interactions. Relationship and customer service in the same context as customized interactions.

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UC & Collaboration

Reduce tabs with a modular, unified solution. Connect back office employees in the same customer service context.

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Allow them to choose their preferred channel and ensure that your customer service agent has all channels integrated in the same context, on a single screen.

Every interaction is an opportunity to win over and retain your customer.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Optimize the time and quality of each call

  • Get valuable operational insights for decision-making

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Conversational Marketing

Follow up and personalize the relationship with the customer in the contacts initiated by the companies (Outbound).

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Generative AI

Achieve the highest levels of FCR with 90% of calls resolved on first contact. Integrate Voicebots and Chatbots into your service channels to solve and prioritize demands.

Ensure that your contact channels respond quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Cloud Contact Center solution for more efficient, flexible and scalable resource management for your operation.

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